Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

If you see your dog eating grass even tho when you’re feeding him with the best and most expensive dog food, the answer is pretty simple: your dog is secretly a cow.

Okay let’s get serious, you may be wondering if he feels sick, hungry, anxious and if the grass is dangerous for your dog. Short answer: No, this is actually a pretty common thing.

However, it could be toxic if somebody used herbicides and pesticides on the lawn, so you probably want to keep an eye on where your dog grazes.

Either you just wanna know why dogs graze or stop this behavior on yours, this article is for you.

Why Is My Dog Eating Grass? 3 Common Reasons

Dog Eating Grass

They might look like they’re having fun, but they’re not.

We can’t tell you just one reason, but you can narrow down the possible options for you doggo

#1. Just Because / Instinct

Happy Shiba Inu
Dogs are pack animals, so we can read the following in their genes:

“You will scavenge every day, you will eat as much as possible when you find food and you will guarantee your own survival”

 Even when dogs aren’t like their ancestors, sometimes they look for plants as an alternative food source, by the way, a dog eating grass doesn’t mean that he’s vegan. Howling is other interesting behavior that’s also written in their genes.

So that’s why some dogs might be found munching on the grass with no side effects, mainly stray dogs, but don’t worry, your doggo could graze even if you feed him with that premium-looking dog food, if this frustrates you, keep reading mate, I’ve got you covered.

Every dog is a world, and maybe your doggo just likes the taste or it’s a time killer task for him. So even when you feed your dog with good food, he could eat grass not because he’s hungry but because he feels like grazing.

#2. To vomit / To boost their digestion

Pitbull vomiting
Some dogs may feel like they’ve eaten something bad and need to vomit, therefore they’ll induce this reaction by eating grass and throwing it up immediately, swallowing it without chewing so the whole pieces of grass tickle their throat.

Smart thing eh? Be careful if you see your dog doing this, he’s probably feeling ill and a vet visit wouldn’t be a bad idea!

On the other hand, dogs may also graze when they haven’t pooped in a while, you should try giving him more fiber-rich foods. Most experts don’t see a bad thing in a dog eating grass, in fact, this could be beneficial to your dog if he lacks a nutrient in his main diet.

In simple words, if this is your case then give your dog more foods to make him poop easier, I’d recommend a high fiber diet.

#3. Your dog isn’t getting enough exercise

Beagle eating grass
Dogs could also graze because they’re really bored, Spike got the backyard for himself but there’s nothing to do there while you’re working all day, then he starts to eat grass cuz ehh what else can he do?

Try to catch your dog eating grass the days that he had at least 2 walks of 30 minutes for each one, it’s very likely that he’ll lose interest in doing so.

How to Prevent My Dog From Eating Grass

golden retriever puppy sniffing grass

Sniffing, not eating 🙂

While eating grass isn’t harmful unless it is done excessively, here you have some tips to prevent your dog from grazing.

  • Make sure he’s getting enough exercise, take him for a walk in the morning if possible, but your dog should never live locked at home.
  • We need to stress over this, if you’re asking yourself why is your dog eating grass, set daily walks, your doggo might have high energy levels.
  • Maybe he just wants to chew something, go shopping for some toys!
  • Check your dog’s diet, is he getting enough fiber and nutrients? You may want to discuss this with your vet, but eating grass could mean that you need to add more healthy stuff to his foods.
  • Is he doing this on a daily basis to puke? Take him to the vet now!

What We Learned Today

dog head massage

  • Dogs eat grass for multiple reasons, watch carefully his behavior and find out why using the information provided here!
  • Grazing isn’t dangerous as long as the lawn wasn’t treated with pesticides, herbicides or some fertilizers.
  • You can find a dog eating grass to poop or to heal an upset stomach.