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Kaydo Siberian Husky

The only fruit from Mt. Olympus, a dragon fruit capable of brining a real, legendary beast to life. Kaydo found it during one of his walks, now he’s the guardian of the last dragon.

Blue Aussie Mix


Realizing how dog haircuts are more conventional these times, Blu got a blue mohawk and started his own motorcycle gang after intimidating some punks in New York. He also loves bacon, by the way

Alice and Ray

Alice and Ray

Walt Disney sent a message from his grave: “I’d totally make a movie for Alice and Ray, they have everything: castles, cuteness overload and a fairy tale town”. Would you watch that?

Puck Paws

Puck Paws

Ice cream should only be eaten in Summer…That’s what Puck heard, but that doesn’t make sense! So he started a marketing campaign because…Ice Cream tastes better in winter.


Rubs & Nugs

A rotten pear, the last fruit of 2018 was on the brink of death until it was found by the brothers Rubs and Nugs, whose smiles dazzled the pear with joy and happiness, since then, it’s said that such pear can heal any pain of the human soul.

Hammy Law

Hammy Law

Hammy knows that sushi is extremely delicious and healthy…but only hoomans can eat it, so he decided to start his own sushi restaurant for doggos, what’s your favorite sushi ingredient?



Right after watching a random Spongebob episode, Tango gained psychic powers to make burgers with his mind. Now he’s training to win the “Best Burger of the World”, a famous contest held in Las Vegas every century.

Pinsherka Cola


In this picture you can only see Cola as a model, but she’s also a warrior princess who slew a ferocious bear to defend her home. Cola is like a superhero but even better: cute and monster-slayer.

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