TOP 10: Human Foods Dogs Can Eat You Didn’t Know

There are a lot of human foods dogs can eat, but many people mistakenly believe the opposite.

“Fish? Hell No! Dogs can’t eat that, don’t give it to him. Shrimps? That’s worse! Stop you dumbass.”

Have you heard something like this before? both of those foods are safe for your dog, but for some reason, many people have wrong ideas about what their dogs can or cannot eat.

That’s why today I’m gonna tell you the 10 foods that you thought were dangerous but they’re actually good for your doggo.

10) Honey

Can Dogs Eat Honey?

Did you think that it was too sweet for them and dogs could get aggressive? Not really, natural honey could make a nice treat to mix with something that your doggo may not like too much from the start, like a pill that he needs to take.

You might be wondering why is honey one of the human foods dogs can eat if it’s not a meal itself, well, think about using it as a treat, pretty useful right?

Besides that, honey contains a lot of vitamins and good stuff for your pup and for you too, that is almost the whole alphabet (A, B, C, D, E, and K) also potassium, antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, and copper.

Plus, it could help with allergies since it introduces very small amounts of pollen into their bodies, building up immunity to allergens in certain parts of the year (say Spring). I know this may sound even miraculous but it works as a topical treatment for burns and not-too-deep cuts.

9) Coconut

Is your doggo suffering from bad breath? Try some coconut! It’s also helpful with skin conditions like flea allergies, itchy skin, and hot spots.

Some humans dislike coconut (I don’t get how) but most dogs like it, and we can consider it another healthy treat due to its Lauric content, which helps to destroy viruses and makes stronger the immune system.

If you’re wondering, yes, coconut milk and coconut oil are safe for dogs too. But just make sure to keep the whole coconut fruit out of your doggie’s reach, if he gets its paws on the furry outside of the shell and eats it could end up choking.

8) Milk and Yogurt

Doge with milk and yogurt

Don’t give milk to your dog, it’ll cause him diarrhea. This is partly true, some dogs are lactose-intolerant and don’t digest milk well, making them poop everywhere, and I mean thick poop so you definitely want to avoid this.

But yeah, yogurt makes a great treat for doggos. If your dog can take it without going crazy and pooping all over your house, the active bacteria in yogurt can help strengthen the digestive system thanks to its probiotics.

Is your dog stealing food? We’ve got you covered.

Remember to avoid milk and yogurt products containing sugar and other processed trash, this applies to you and your dog.

Some human foods dogs can eat depend on the specific dog, such as milk and wheat, you might want to be careful since some dogs are allergic to the aforementioned foods.

7) Peanuts / Peanut Butter

corgi eating peanut butter

No, it won’t hurt your dog to try some of that delicious peanut butter sandwich.

Elephants can eat peanuts, yeah, but they’re also another of the human foods dogs can eat with no risk.

Peanuts are safe, and in fact very healthy if you don’t feed your dog with a lot of them, never give salted peanuts to your doggo, but the natural peanut contains nice proteins and fat for them.

Remember what I said before? Use peanuts with moderation if you don’t want a fat dog. Cashews are ok too.

The same goes for peanut butter, it can be an excellent source of protein, vitamins B, E, and heart-healthy fats. Many peanut butter brands sell it as a snack, so watch out with xylitol, a sugar “substitute” that’s very toxic to dogs.

6) Shrimps

White dog with shrimps

If you love shrimps as much as I do, probably the idea of sharing some with your beloved dog has crossed your mind, but you were afraid he could be allergic to it. Don’t worry, they’re safe.

Shrimps are made of protein, vitamin B-12, phosphorus, and antioxidants, but also low in everything that we usually avoid in a healthy diet: fat, calories, and carbohydrates. Remember that you must fully cook them and remove the shell, tail, head, and legs.

Note: Shrimps are actually one of the best human foods dogs can eat because of their high amount of protein, you’ll have a strong doggo.

5) Wheat / Grains

Corgi or bread loaf
It is said that grains and wheat are unhealthy for dogs, that they won’t be able to digest it or will make them feel bad.

Bread doesn’t hurt dogs at all but there are better options out there since it only provides useless carbs and zero protein.

Nothing further from the truth, it’s normal for dogs to eat grains, and they’re actually very healthy. For example, corn and wheat are sources of essential fatty acids, fiber, and protein.

Of course, if your dog has allergies you better avoid them, it all depends on the specific doggo.

However if you’re giving some corn to your dog make sure it is off the cob, otherwise it could cause intestinal blockage.

Besides that, corn is a very common ingredient in dog foods, and if you’re looking for a corn substitute for your dog, try quinoa, its extreme nutritional qualities make it a nice alternative to corn, soy, and wheat.

But hey, what about popcorn?

human foods dogs can eat

Unbuttered, plain air-popped and unsalted popcorn is just ok for your dog in moderation. It contains thiamine and riboflavin, both of which promote eye health and good digestion, as well as small amounts of protein and iron.

4) Cheese

Beage with cheese

Enjoying that Subway (no, I ain’t getting paid for this) sandwich? If it has cheese then it’s safe for your doggo to try some.

But many cheese varieties contain just too much fat, this applies mostly to the yellow cheese, so try white cheese, mozzarella or cottage cheese.
Those make a great treat that you could use while training your dog, and it’s better than other foods often used as a treat like ham or sausages, way healthier!

Cheese is another of the human foods dogs can eat that make a wondrous treat for any doggo!

3) Pork

Hot Dog Corgi

This needed to be here, I’ve heard so many times that pork is bad for dogs, but people never specify the reason. After doing my research I can guarantee you that pork is totally safe for dogs to eat.

However, the fact that pork is included in the human foods dogs can eat doesn’t mean that they should eat it since it usually has large amounts of fat.

Even though when it has more calories than other meats, it is less likely that pork causes an allergic reaction. The good stuff? Contains highly digestible proteins, packed with amino acids and a tasty flavor that any human or dog will love.

Extra: Turkey is also safe for dogs.

ProTip: When cooking any kind of meat for your doggo, remember not to use garlic or onion condiments since these are very harmful to a dog’s organism. Also, remove all the fat, skin and bones (even the big bones).


2) Eggs

human foods dogs can eat

Why does anybody give eggs to his dogs? Eggs are an extremely healthy food for humans due to its high protein content (13gr of protein per each 100gr) and for dogs too.

Eggs are safe as long as they’re fully cooked, otherwise, it could lead to biotin deficiency and many bacteria problems.

Besides that, well-cooked eggs make a great source of protein and can help an upset stomach. You should start eating more eggs and so should your doggie, I recommend boiled eggs.

1 ) Fish, including Tuna

Labrador with Koi fish

What? My dog isn’t a cat, it’ll give him stomachache ― Somebody.

It’s curious, but most of the foods that some people think dogs shouldn’t eat just need to be cooked properly, like eggs, pork and fish.

Fish contains amino acids and good fats, giving your dog a nice health boost.

Tuna the dog

No pun intended

I especially recommend sardines and salmon due to its high protein nutritional value, but be sure to pick out all the tiny bones.


And last but not least, yep, your dog can eat tuna, both fresh and canned versions.

However, some canned tuna could contain little sodium and small mercury quantities, it is still safe though.

…But I’d rather have some fresh tuna, which has a lot of good stuff to promote heart and eye health, such as omega-3 and fatty acids, needless to say, that’s very clean, that is, almost zero fat. Just remember not to put species or oil while cooking it.


What We Learned Today | The Human Foods Dogs Can Eat

dog with hot dog gif

  • Most of the foods that people think are bad for dogs just need to be properly cooked.
  • Pork, Shrimps, and fish are very healthy for your dog, and for you too, eating more fish instead of beef or pork could improve your health a lot!
  • There are 12gr of protein per each 100gr of eggs, boiled eggs are great for you and your doggo, but remember, never raw eggs!
  • There are a lot of human foods dogs can eat, so make sure to look it up before deciding to feed your dog with a tasty treat or not.
  • Cheese is dope for dogs, tasty and healthy, way better than sausages or ham as a treat, but prioritize white cheese over the yellow one, try cottage or mozzarella cheese.
  • Popcorn isn’t bad, but make sure it doesn’t have salt or butter.

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