Comment Policy

Comment Policy

At the Cafe we promote a friendly environment for everybody, we have a specialized team of guardian dogs that will have no hesitation with those that dare to break the peace. All the following things can get your comment deleted either in the blog or social media, and depending on its nature it could get your account blocked/banned.

1) Be kind. Don’t be a jerk

Shiba growling

  • Any offensive, harassing, or insulting comment will be deleted. This includes attacks / threats towards other users, the author of a post and/or our social media accounts. Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. 
  • If you’re going to criticize, do it without offending anyone, do constructive criticism. Did you catch a typo or any kind of mistake? Let us know and we’ll correct it as soon as possible! But make sure to read the whole article before doing so, you might be missing something. 
  • Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated, our Guardian Dogs can smell hate speech from thousands of miles away. This includes racism, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, misogyny, misandry, religious discrimination, etc. 
  • Revealing any form of personal information will not be allowed. This is phone numbers, emails, street address, zip codes, etc. 
  • Any psychological attack against any user or our staff will not be allowed. For example, dogpiling, gaslighting, telling people to kill themselves, comments whose intention is to emotionally hurt anyone.

2) Our dogs don’t like SPAM meat

Dog Rejecting Spam

  • You know, posting any kind of spam is not allowed. Our Guardian Dogs won’t allow the following content: links to your website/blog/ecommerce/social media, promotion of Youtube channels, comments with “hidden” spam like “X game is so good omg”, selling of any kind of digital item (such as cryptocurrencies, gift card codes, social media followers, etc) and crowdfunding campaigns are some things that will get you outta the Cafe. 
  • In simple words:  any kind of advertisement is not allowed. 
  • Pornographic and gore content will get you banned as well. 
  • Trolling and/or intentionally feeding a troll will make our watchdogs do after you. 
  • Fake identities / impersonating someone else or a member of our staff won’t be tolerated. 
  • Don’t post off-topics comments! Find your appropiate place to express you opinion about that topic 🙂 

What To Do If I Get Banned

Dancing dog in shelter

If you think you’ve been blocked from commenting in our website and/or our social media accounts, email us at [email protected] explaining what happened —and apologizing if necessary—. We’ll review your case and unblock you if you didn’t mean to cause harm.

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