About Us

About Us Dog Paws Cafe

Our Mission

Dog Paws Cafe was created as a way to offer dog articles in a smooth, pleasing interface.

While most of the time we aim to entertain, you’ll also find articles featuring useful information such as Dog Training and Dog How-To.

Delivering easy and quick dog information is our definitive goal.

How Did All Start?

I enjoyed reading old dog magazines that I found in my house when I was a kid. Don’t get confused, I’m still very young but magazines were wiped out by the Internet. Then it should offer something better right? Well…Not really, I realized that most of the dog sites were old, ugly and while some had good information it was so hard getting what you came for: it was hidden in a big wall of text.

They didn’t talk to their readers either, zero social media interaction, and the ones that did it looked like a cold robot sharing their articles. I wanted something warmer, making people feel they’re reading other people and it’s possible to connect with them.

So I thought “Why not making my own dog site, it’ll be clean, smooth, easy to navigate, like a cafe…Dog Paws Cafe”

Meet the Staff


Richard The Coffee Owner

CEO | Mastermind

Founder | Main Writer | Investigation Department Lead | Designer

Dog Paws Cafe