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How to Wean My Litter

How to Wean My Litter: All Need You Need To Know

Knowing how to wean my (your) litter would be really helpful even when your dog is spayed, who knows when you have to rescue some puppies and become a national …
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Why Dogs Chase Their Tails

The Reasons Why Dogs Chase Their Tails You Didn’t Know

No, when dogs chase their tails it isn’t really a good thing, picture this:  It’s a summer afternoon, you’re about to take your Terrier for a walk through the woods, but …
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How Does My Dog Know When I'm Coming Home

This Is Why Your Dog Knows When You’re Coming Home

Ever wondered how your dog knows when you’re coming home? You’re not the only one. Coming home after a long day at work to be received by a hyper doggo …
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TOP 10 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat You Didn't Know

TOP 10: Human Foods Dogs Can Eat You Didn’t Know

There are a lot of human foods dogs can eat, but many people mistakenly believe the opposite. “Fish? Hell No! Dogs can’t eat that, don’t give it to him. Shrimps? …
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Why Is My Dog Eating Grass

Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

If you see your dog eating grass even tho when you’re feeding him with the best and most expensive dog food, the answer is pretty simple: your dog is secretly …
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Is Your Dog Stealing Food? 3 Tips to Prevent It

You might think that a dog stealing food is just a bit naughty, but it could actually be a serious problem, imagine this situation: It’s Thanksgiving, the whole family is …
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